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Manifesto for Life

The only constant is change

Heraclitus of Ephesus

We were born with the desire to serve as a bridge between a reality of jargon and difficulties to a new dimension of accessible, efficient, and empathetic communication. We, the Villa, decided from the beginning that we would build the world we wanted to live in. A world where the law is not an impenetrable monolith, but a tool for empowerment, accessible to one and all.

In our journey, we have become a beacon in the Legal Design and Visual Law space. We use images and simple language to undo the complexity of legal jargon, making the law understandable regardless of the reader's background or legal experience.

Now, as part of our continuous evolution and our commitment to innovation, we are adopting a new identity: Vitta - Visual Law. This change is not just a rebranding. It is a sign of the growth we have experienced and the new directions we are exploring. The company once called "Villa" has expanded to encompass all aspects of life, we are now "Vitta".

This change is an affirmation of our belief in the power of legal relationships to touch lives, shape societies, and create justice. We are committed to bringing the law to life, making it a more understandable, accessible and human experience.

Over the years, we have been proud to help thousands of people connect with living, adapting, and evolving knowledge. Our approach to legal communication has never been static. We recognize that regulation, like life, is in constant flux. Our goal has been to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

In a field often characterized by rigidity and formality, we strive to bring warmth, humanity, and joy. We are alive, we are Life. And it is this life that we want to infuse into all our actions. Our dream is a future where the law is seen not as a maze of difficult words and complicated processes, but as an integral and understandable part of our everyday lives. 

The name "Villa" may have its roots in the idea of a small community, but we have always known that our reach and vision went much further. We are bigger than a Villa, than a city, than a country. Our aspirations and our impact extend far beyond any physical or digital borders.

With Vitta, we are moving beyond the traditional legal practice model to a space where empathy, clear communication, and human-centered design are the norm. We are challenging the conventions and demystifying the dogmas that prevent people from accessing and understanding the law. 

The metaphor of the transformation from Villa to Vitta carries great practical significance. We are extending our reach to operate in information design as a whole. Airline tickets, traffic signs, phone bills, bank statements, and so many other everyday items contain legal information that needs to be communicated clearly and efficiently. Almost everything around us creates a potential legal relationship, and it is our duty to facilitate this communication.

We are ready to embrace this new phase of our journey. We are ready to explore new horizons, to continue our work of making law a more human and accessible experience. We are ready to take Vitta to every corner of the world.

This is our manifesto for life. It is a reflection of our commitment to innovation, inclusion and effective communication. It is an expression of our belief that law must serve life, not the other way around. And we are excited to see where this commitment will take us. Join us on this journey. Together we can break down barriers that separate to build bridges that unite. 

Vitta - Visual Law